Carnival Packing List


Costume + Road Lifesavers for Monday + Tuesday

  • Travel sewing kit with double thread. [ link to buy ]
  • A pack of safety pins of all sizes. [ link to buy ]
  • Monistat Chafing Gel. This is great if you choose not to wear pantyhose.
  • Makeup setting spray. You WILL sweat! [ link to buy ]
  • Makeup Blotting sheets. [link to buy]
  • Makeup gems / rhinestones, etc if you plan on wearing them.  [ link to buy ]
  • Eyelash glue or spirit gum and remover for your makeup gems. [ link to buy ]
  • Insoles. Bring a few packs of your favorite insoles for all shoes.  [ link to buy ]
  • Small glue gun and glue sticks (mandatory). [ link to buy ]
  • Clear nail polish (to stop runs in stockings). [ link to buy ]
  • A road purse. This can be a wristlet (especially for frontliners), or a cross-body. [ link to buy ]

For J’ouvert (Paint & Powder Parties)

Basically, your clothes will get DESTROYED. So be prepared to trash everything you wear.

  • A bottle of baby oil to keep the paint from sticking to your skin. Use generously :) [ link to buy ]
  • Cut off shorts, bikini bottoms or boy shorts..
  • Dedicated bra and underwear as the paint, water and powder will stain through.
  • A headscarf you like or some even wear a cheap and fun wig. Most bands will give you a scarf, but always bring a backup. If you don’t want to wear anything, bring a heavy-duty/clarifying shampoo and a good conditioner + oil to wash out all the paint like this one from EDEN Bodyworks.
  • Sneakers or boots you don't mind destroying. These MUST have a good rubber sole as the streets/grass can get slippery.  
  • A water-resistant/water-proof fanny pack or pouch. [ link to buy ]
  • Waterproof phone case if you plan on posting while partying. Trust us. [ link to buy ]
  • A black towels if you are staying in a private home/rental villa. Most hotels will have wash-off stations, but use a black towel so that you don’t destroy your private property’s linens.  [ link to buy ]

General List

  • Spray sunscreen.  [ link to buy ]
  • Insect Repellent.  [ link to buy ]
  • Daily vitamins & supplements.  
  • Alka Seltzer - great hangover cure [ link to buy ]
  • Neosporin - for insect bites [ link to buy ]
  • Bobby and straight pins + your favorite hair accessories.  [ link to buy ]
  • EmergenC packets and any other electrolyte/hydration tablets or packets such as Nuun, Drip Drop or Pedialyte. These are road life-savers!  [ link to buy ]
  • Turmeric. Yes, turmeric! If your fingers or feet swell in extreme heat, turmeric works almost instantly to bring it down. Just mix with water!  [ link to buy ]
  • Tiger Balm for muscle aches.  [ link to buy ]
  • Advil, Tylenol, Zyrtec/Benadryl.
  • Aloe Vera Gel for sunburns. [ link to buy ]
  • Hand sanitizer (wipes or purse size bottle) for fetes and mobile bathrooms. [ link to buy ]
  • A phone ring. Consider getting a ring which makes holding your phone much easier!  [ link to buy ]
  • A stain pen a la Tide (bring 2). [ link to buy ]
  • Facial moisturizer with sunscreen. [ link to buy ]
  • A compact mobile charger.  [ link to buy ]
  • Earplugs (for loud sound systems on the road).  [ link to buy ]